This week

Just keeping it real…this is my existence right now…and this the most organized part.

As much as I look forward to this renovation, it’s super stressful as well

This was my kitchen and laundry room.

This is kind of our outside wall. We can hear the wind whistling this very minute.

So we did this! It was fun and allowed us to escape the banging and crashing.

Any advice or words of wisdom from anyone who has been there? What has worked to keep your renovation sanity? How did you get through the day to day? I am open to any and all suggestions.

6 thoughts on “This week

  1. Just keep the end result in mind! When our kitchen was being remodeled I set up a cooking and dishwashing station in another room. I felt like a pioneer woman almost, at least we had running water and electricity. We now are in the process of having a porch added on to the back of our house. Our present kitchen in the day (1870) was a porch. Good days are ahead!

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    1. Our kitchen was the original screened back porch. Renovated in the early 90’s with no insulation we found out. I think we are trying to make it an adventure. Eye on the prize. Washing dishes in our powder room sink is a challenge.


  2. Oh, Amy—I feel for you. When we did our kitchen ourselves—stripped to the studs, I had the luxury of moving an electric frypan out on the porch. The most important thing was to pack away everything that you absolutely didn’t need for a minimal existence. I plastic bagged all my pots and pans –and relied on the microwave, elect.frypan, toaster, and crockpot I put in another room. I had made meals ahead that just needed to be heated up in a microwave—and cereal was breakfast. Removing everything—reduces the eye-disaster STRESS —, and everything will stay cleaner packed away. When they start dry-walling you will be thankful, you did this! Looks like it will be a fabulous change for your forever home! Sandi

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    1. I really miss my washer and dryer right now. We are settled into a semi routine with the kitchen, I hope. They started framing today and it seems like a old step forward. I love your advice, we will get through this and it will be wonderful.


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