I am a busy mom and Navy wife who is blessed to live in the beautiful town of Annapolis, a town many profess to be their most favorite in the world. In between loads of laundry, a part-time job and enjoying the antics of a busy Kindergartener,I enjoy baking comfort food, putting outfits together on a dime, and discovering the perfect junk to decorate my home…come join me on my adventure.

16 thoughts on “About

  1. Found your blog this morning, and just had a big smile on my face!!! I was born in Annapolis….a LONG time ago!! Rarely do I see any mention of the town, so you made my day!
    Blessings to you,


    1. So much is still the same and so much has changed I am sure. It is a fabulous place to live and we hope to stay here forever after military retirement next year.


  2. Enjoyed visiting your blog and feel at home here. Totally understand the need to surround yourself with items with a story and connection. That’s always been my preference.


  3. I found your blog and love it! You gave me some neat ideas. I really like your style. Thought it was neat that I live near a Kannapolis. Keep up the great blog.


    1. You do live close. We fell in love with Annapolis during my husbands last military assignment and decided to stay. Downtown living is so much fun. I like meeting me friends!


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