The Art Of The Collection

I love collections in my home. Things displayed in multiples seems to speak to my decorating soul in a powerful way. I have made some mistakes along the way….think 1990 Longenberger basket obsession…when I realized I was collecting what I thought I should be collecting rather than what I really wanted to collect. Expensive lesson for me. I am a wiser collector now. Let me share some life lessons I have learned on my collection journey…and show off a few of my most favorites at the same time

1. Display collected items together…they lose their impact if they are separated . Think of Grandma’s home with her ceramic cats scattered throughout the house on every surface….don’t do that! I like how my vintage rolling pins look in this giant egg basket…suddenly simple objects are seen as an elevated art display!

2. Collect what you love and what resounds with your soul…Be honest when you no longer feel the love and gift or donate. Also, don’t serve as a storage facility for family member’s “treasures” out of guilt or obligation . If you don’t love Aunt Lulu’s souvenir thimble collection , find someone who will delight in them…Aunt Lulu would approve! Many of the chickens on display on my dining room hutch come from a friend who inherited them from a relative. After 20 years of storage I was excited to give them an honored spot in my home. 

3. Don’t collect with your child’s college fund in mind…unless you collect early Picasso abstracts. We all know someone with tubs of Beanie Babies in their basement just waiting for the magical buyer to show up and pave the way to Harvard. The price of my beloved Lusticru omelet pans (French flea market finds) on eBay tempts me to enlist my friends to send me every piece they can find…but then the memory of finding these beauties would be forgotten in the crush of enamelware.  

4.Master the art of rotation. Seasonal collections are a great way to freshen decor with little effort. For example, I display seasonal vintage postcards on a 24 pane window in my kitchen. They make me smile. In May and June I display vintage French seed labels. 

5. The best collections are aquired over time and experience.  It is so tempting to see a beautiful collection on a blog and jump on the EBay express to immediately duplicate it.  Most likely that blogger has been collecting for years and that collection represents her/his life and experiences.  Let your collections represent you! This collection of antique kokeshi dolls is unique to me and my life experiences in Japan.  I have never seen a collection like it and love the unique and unexpected element it adds to my home. 

Someday I hope the Princess will share my love of collecting…beyond collecting compliments…and how was she ever this tiny!

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24 thoughts on “The Art Of The Collection

  1. I have a teddy bear collection, although it contains other stuffed toys too like a New Zealand kiwi and a border collie. Every one is from one of our holidays or was given to me on a special occasion by my husband. We also collect fridge magnets when we travel, and stubby coolers


  2. Hi, I don’t collect anything, but my husband is a Spiderman fan and collects all things with Spiderman. He’s had to sell 2 of his collections in the past due to moving, and now he’s started his third collection. We’ve agreed to buy only ‘useful’ Spiderman things in future, although he does have some things from the past that he displays in a glass cabinet in our new home. I also love your rolling pin collection! (here’s my post on my husband’s collection if you’re interested. )


  3. Loved seeing your collections–I, too, especially enjoyed seeing your rolling pins. I have milk glass, cobalt glass, dollhouse minis, small international dolls, ceramic birds, made in Japan ceramic figurines; it’s a LONNNNGGG list!

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  4. I love your rolling pin collection and the French omelet pans are so pretty! I love collectible books–vintage and illustrated are my favorites, as well as cookbooks. I find them in second-hand bookstores and library sales.

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  5. I love your rolling pin collection displayed in the wire basket looks awesome. I have some of the same rolling pins in my collection, I display mine in a very large antique pickle crock. Thanks for sharing your collections!
    Miz Helen

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  6. I love how you display all of your collections. Thank you for sharing at Party In Your PJ’s – you are being featured on my blog Tuesday evening!


  7. Unfortunately, I am guilty of “almost” being a hoarder ! From wicker baskets to tiny pouches to a craft studio full of craft supplies – I’ve done it all (and almost still continue to do so) I love your red pants and rolling pins collection.


  8. Great collecting advice! I had to laugh — I have a huge Longaberger basket collection. But I did love them and my good friend was a sales rep so. . . .lol Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm. xo Kathleen


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