How can you not feel hope in the spring? Flowers have just exploded into bloom and birds are happy and chirping! You do have to deal with the rain but when the sun comes out it just dazzles you. I’m so glad that stay at home does not equal stay locked in your house. It is soothing for your soul to step on your porch and greet neighbors, walk around the block and admire gardens and gaze over the creek and imagine boats on the crisp blue water. It also perks up a mood to bring some flowers inside! Small touches of spring to spark happy thoughts of good times in our future.

Chicks and flowers in an antique chicken feeder.
A tabletop assortment
. Gazing out my kitchen window
The Princess’ arrangement.

12 thoughts on “Blooming

  1. I’ve been wanting to get a plant or flowers for our condo to brighten things up. I haven’t wanted to go inside the store so far, but I see the outside entrance and register are open at the garden area so I just might try next time we go for our parking lot grocery pickup. – Margy


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