Lighten up for Spring

Ok, I get it. Winter is going to just bypass us this year. I could fight it and refuse to turn my home into a Springtime wonderland or I can just go with the tree buds, Robin red breasts, daffodils and warm air and maybe start to lighten up my decor…just a little. I always miss the coziness of winter when spring arrives, but who knows, maybe Mother Nature has a bit of a surprise in store for us…just not in April! have some bunnies I’ll be ready to display. And who wants to shiver at the Easter egg hunt?!

A nod to warm spring days filled with flowers and birds.
Pretty blues and greens.
Spring lamb and flowers…simple Spring
Well, the snowflake quilt is not doing the trick. Time for some lovely pansies

17 thoughts on “Lighten up for Spring

  1. I’m so looking forward to the wonderful warmth that is summer!! I like the temps over 90…I’m even all right with 100!! Old bones are definitely cold bones!! Your home looks ready for spring!


  2. Sweet post! I scrubbed out and lightened my glass door and kitchen cupboards and corner cabinet…they are just waiting for some crocus and mini tulips. Winter is cozy–but yesterday we opened all the windows, turned off the furnace and aired out the house…YAY! Spring is coming—lemonade and iced tea, can’t wait! Princess is getting so big…our Grand also—long legs and elbows, and combat boots, LOL.


  3. I live in Florida so we often skip all the seasons but summer. This year we have been actually having a bit of spring which is SO refreshing! I’m the type that just needs all four seasons. I love the break they give. 9 months of summer it just toooooo long.

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  4. Such beautiful colours. This is the time of year when I begin to look forward to the longer days, and brighter mornings. I like to freshen things up too. I love your style! Very uplifting post!

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