Waiting for Snow

I’m really not a fan of snow. The actual snow event is lovely with the snow gently falling and cozy times in front of the fire, and hopefully, a snow day from school. Sledding is also fun, provided you have a sled…which we do, and it has never been used. The following days with the slush, frozen roads, muddy playgrounds, cold winds and scrapping off the cars don’t thrill me. We had a slight chance of snow in our forecast this weekend, and despite the fact it was already a three day holiday, I kind of hoped we would see the cold whiteness fall from the sky. If only for the fact that the sled has been sitting in our garage for a year just waiting to be used. We saw a few flurries before the cold rain…oh well, there is always February. Anyway, enjoy a few more touches of winter inside our house!

We may not have snow, but a roaring fire still feels great!

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18 thoughts on “Waiting for Snow

  1. I feel the exact same way you do about snow. We had it falling one day last month but it disappeared almost as soon as it hit the ground. It’s in the forecast for tomorrow and Thursday though… we shall see. Cute touches of winter! And definitely need the fireplace going, even if there is no snow. Have a wonderful week~

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  2. I was torn between hoping the snow would pass us by and wanting enough snow to fall so we could use our new snowshoes. Sadly we got snow but not enough for us to use our shoes. Plus it’s been so darn cold ever since it snowed we wouldn’t have been going anywhere anyway.

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  3. We rarely have snow here in Austin, and I’m much like you. It is pretty when it is falling and covering the ground, but it leaves a mess. Our gardens and landscapes are not all hardy enough to take a freeze, so much dies, and of course we quickly return to mild temperatures with a mess to clean up.

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  4. I am with you when it comes to snow. I love it while it’s falling and before the footprints and tire tracks and the dirt and slush. However, I’ll take a snow day or three and be happy. 🙂 Your home is certainly cozy and winter-ready. Thank you for sharing with #omhgww

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  5. I don’t mind the snow so much as long as we’re not housebound (here in the midwest) for too long lol Sitting by the fire while the snow falls — doesn’t get much better than that. Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm. xo Kathlen

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  6. I like that bottle tree, especially the cobalt bottles! I pinned this! Thanks so much for linking up with me at my #UnlimitedMonthlyLinkParty 9, open February 1 to 26.

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