The Art of More Collections

Guess what? I’m a collector…probably not a huge surprise to anyone who has followed my blog for more than a week. Anyway, the secret to keeping my home somewhat clutter free and marginally organized are a few hard and fast rules I adhere by…or try to at least. Of course my minimalist inclined friends can advert their eyes and continue purging their processions in a timely manner.

#1 Collect what you love…really love. If you don’t love what you inherited, find someone who will love it as it deserves. I love antique glass bottles, and the antique French bottle rack is the perfect way to display them.

#2 Know when to stop. At some point your collection is complete. While living in Japan I collected beautifully painted chopsticks. They remind me of that special time of my life. Collecting chopsticks outside of Japan seems wrong to me. The collection is complete.

#3 Narrow your interests. I love needlework of all kinds but found my strongest attachment to samplers. Even now, I have narrowed even further and only add red and white samplers…mostly.

#4 Connect with the history. I love the stories behind old advertisement cards. What a peak into the past. They can be picked up very reasonably. Even better, find your favorite product or imagery and start from there.

Look who still collects smiles wherever she goes.

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21 thoughts on “The Art of More Collections

  1. Excellent guidelines for collecting. I know that they are not always easy to follow, but do become necessary over time. One of the most difficult lessons that I have learned as I have aged, many of the things that I loved collecting are not loved or enjoyed by my children. I always say (somewhat jokingly) that the day after I die there will be the largest yard sale ever, hosted by my children! The contents of said sale are slowly decreasing, as I try to find loving homes for some collections. There is an old saying : “He who gives while he lives, knows where it goes” and I like knowing. The collection of smiles brought by The Princess will never be completed! Thank-you!

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    1. My mom said the same thing. She also asked what I would like to have and I found a place in my home already. She has some lovely collections and they will make someone very happy someday.


  2. Great advice on collecting things! Believe it or not, I’ve been really hesitant in the past to commit to collecting things for fear of ending up with 100 ducks…or something like that. 🙂 I am collecting a few things now and it’s fun! I am in love with your samplers!! Those chopsticks are wonderful too and will remind you of special times.

    Your daughter is growing so quickly! 🙂

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  3. Oh I like your collections all of them. I have never seen the post card before and really like them. I have a few old samplers also, need to get them all together like yours
    I found you on Let’s Add sprinkles party


  4. Wonderful tips! I have a family of collectors, including myself. I love your collections! Thanks for sharing at Thursday Favorite Things.


  5. Well, I am a collector too. 🙂 I have gotten much pickier as I have gotten older. I love and collect old bottles as well. I need to try them on my rack. Mine is a smaller one from Décor Steals. I have wanted to collect samplers, but rarely do I run across any. Love your beautiful collections! Thanks for sharing with SYC. Always love Princess’s smile.


  6. One of my best friends loves to collect and display her treasures. I love visiting her home because there’s always something new to look at and admire. I think you and she must have similar sensibilities because your displays are also lovely. If you have a chance, it would be great if you could link up with us at Creatively Crafty. ( I’m sure the other participants would benefit from your advice and would love your photos.


  7. I felt my soul exhale just seeing the word “collections.” It is an art because there is a fine line between collecting as an art and collecting that becomes clutter. Your tips are perfect! So glad you shared on Fresh Market Friday!


  8. Your sweet girl is toooo cute! Love her smiles! And your tips here are fantastic. I love your sampler wall. It’s beautiful! Only collect what you love is the perfect advice! Thanks and blessings!

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  9. I started collecting vintage goods when I was I was in my late twenties, and have always loved the thrill of the hunt. But I agree that we need to reign it in sometimes so as not to go crazy….that being said I have collected a boatload of things over the years, most of which I still love. Your collections are always so interesting and your advice is spot on. Princess is a real doll! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm! xo|Kathleen|Our Hopeful Home

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