Sitting on the Front Porch…

…not a place but a state of mind.

The first time we set eyes on this house, the front porch beckoned to us…

…and we fell in love.

During the summer, so much of life happens here…

…and we are always open for company!

Although the Princess would rather be back on the beach!

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28 thoughts on “Sitting on the Front Porch…

  1. Your porch looks so lovely and inviting. We sit on our porches till it is just too cold. It really is relaxing and a lovely way to start or end the day.

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  2. There is nothing like a front porch. It is so welcoming. I have a balcony instead! I feel like I’m watching over the neighborhood! The Princess is adorable … I’m with her about the beach and the water!

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  3. One of the stipulations I had when we looked for a new home was, it had to have a porch. Yours is definitely very inviting! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

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    1. There was a cute little 1920 foursquare for sale on our block. The new owners had the same stipulation but the house was perfect in every other way that they built a porch in front. It looks like a different house. I can see them outside this afternoon enjoying the day.


    1. So many hours are spent on this porch. Greeting neighbors and their dogs. Watching the sunsets. Listening to birds and the boats down the block. Paradise to me.


  4. I love your porch! I’ve always wanted a covered porch but alas we don’t have one. Hope you enjoy every minute of it! xo Kathleen

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  5. I love your front porch! I’m a midwest girl who moved to Florida 12 years ago, and while I absolutely love the Sunshine State, I miss the style of homes (like yours) with the big, welcoming porches.

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    1. I never had a porch before but always dreamed of a house with a big wide porch in front. I feel in love with this house as soon as I saw it. I’m sitting outside this very moment.


  6. Your front porch looks inviting. We have a balcony and it gets all the winter sun and breezes in summer, we are thankful for it every day. I am with your Princess, the beach any day.
    We will feature your sweet post on the next Blogger’s Pit Stop.

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  7. Great post and love that inviting front porch. When did we as a society move our front porches around to the back of the house? Instead of roomy front porches, we now oftentimes sit on our decks and patios in our backyards behind privacy fences. I’m not sure when the metamorphosis happened, but that subtle movement changed the way we relate to one another as neighbors. I love seeing this “new” trend back toward front porches and wrap-around porches. They all say, “Come join me!”

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    1. I know, that is what I love best about our neighborhood. Tiny city backyard but a whole community out front. We love to greet our neighbors and dogs! The downside is the cost of real estate in these rediscovered neighborhoods just keeps climbing and that results in less time to actually enjoy your home.

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