Beautiful Lancaster County

We headed off to a great adventure this week! Lancaster, Pennsylvania is a short drive from Annapolis and a wonderful place to just relax and enjoy life at a slower pace… well as slow as you can be with a newly turned five year old Princess in tow!

The Turkey Hill Farm experience was lots of fun. I recommend the ice cream tasting!

The Amish horse and buggies are picturesque and make the drive so interesting.

This view!

If I won the lottery, all these quilts, and many more, would come home with me.

She’s five…how is that even possible?

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33 thoughts on “Beautiful Lancaster County

  1. I am more than delighted with today’s post! I was born and raised in southeastern Pennsylvania and my Father’s childhood home was in Lancaster. I spent many childhood days in Amish country. My Grandfather owned an Amish buggy, given to him by a neighboring Amish farmer as a gift for helping them during a difficult time. Those horse and buggy rides remain one of my favorite memories. The quilts are treasures to own. We are able to get Turkey Hill ice cream here in New England stores. The Princess is 5 years old, she just grows more beautiful. Happy Birthday Princess!!!!! Thank-you for this lovely post!

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    1. Turkey Hill alone made the trip so special! Such a special place to visit. My parents took our family to Lancaster many years ago but I don’t remember much. The Princess loved the animals and the yummy Amish treats. I loved all the lovely antique shops. I need to go back soon.
      I can not believe she is five. My heart is feeling a little bittersweet.


    1. We just loved our little vacation. I wish it was a bit warmer but it seems winter is holding on for dear life. I can’t wait to go again. I’ll need to bring a trailer to carry back all the lovely antiques I saw! I hope your holidays were fabulous.


  2. Ice cream tasting, how fun is that? Love visiting Amish country, and yes; their quilts are gorgeous! Princess will be starting school before you know it! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

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  3. I grew up in Pennsylvania and visited Lancaster County with my family. I remember my mom particularly loved it. It’s great that you live so close! I hear you about all those antiques — that part of the country is a real gold mine! Happy Birthday to your sweet daughter, and good luck with Kindergarten. Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm. xo Kathleen| Our Hopeful Home

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    1. Thank you. I grew up in suburban Philadelphia and still remember school trips to Lancaster. It really has not changed very much. Perhaps more houses. A few more months before Kindergarten is official.


  4. I live in Amish Country Ohio. Mid April is a great time to visit before the tour buses start coming. Then mid September is another great time to come before the fall color tour.

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    1. We are city people as well. There is a draw toward a simpler country life but I’m not sure I could live there for a long period of time. If only we had a vacation home. Maybe someday.


  5. Happy Birthday to the little Princess. I cannot believe she is five already and I’ve been following you since I can remember.

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