Thank Goodness For Eggs

This week a big moving van parked in front of our house and took stuff away. Usually this activity means a series of goodbyes and the seemingly endless process of unpacking and making a new house into a home. There is adventure in that but it can grow weary as time goes on. Lucky for me, however…this is just the first step in our plan to renovate this charming old house and the things removed will be returned to a beautiful new basement guest suite and playroom. What’s the point to this story? When you store your decor and holiday items in a basement, even when you plan carefully, you will over look a few bins… and figure out a few days later that what you want to use is sitting in a storage facility who knows where. So to that point, what do you do? You make do and discover the beauty of what you have at hand. In my case, a whole bunch of colored eggs, a few silk flowers, a bunny or two, and bag of vintage chocolate molds. Enjoy Easter at our house!

Eggs on the Mantel with Antique postcards. Simple but elegant

A Spring vignette on the dining room table.

The Candy jar filled with colorful eggs.

Just line up some capiz eggs on a French baguette board.

Even a Princess needs her rest after a long week. Alas, some of her favorites were packed up as well.

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30 thoughts on “Thank Goodness For Eggs

  1. Simply elegant, indeed! I love your decorations, each and every one. The Princess may be waiting for a wake up kiss from a prince, but I’m guessing that a Hero’s kiss would be even better. Her Majesty is too adorable…and kissable! Thank-you for this lovely post!

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    1. Our sweet girl doesn’t nap much anymore but this day just caught up to her. I’m starting to feel these days slipping away and it is very bittersweet. We love our Sassy little Princess!


  2. Good morning. My husband has been a mailman for 20+ years and I showed him your glass mail box. He said he has never seen one like that. He was wondering, when you have time, if you could send him more pictures of it. Also if you every find another one, I would love to purchase it for him as a surprise gift. I hope he does not read these comments. Thank you. Have a blessed Easter.

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    1. When I first spotted it at an antique show I thought it was a mailbox as well. Imagine my surprise that with further research that it is actually a 1920 general store candy display! I have never seen me before but I was told,they would fit into a larger metal bracket in stacks.
      How interesting to have delivered mail for so long. I can image he has quite a few stories to tell. My little girl loves the whole idea of mail and letters.

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      1. Thanks for sharing about this FANTASTIC glass “mailbox” !!! It caught my eye as well….Rare find indeed….I’ll be keeping my eyes open while antiquing now. My Grandfather (along with my dad) owned a grocery store for years. He never had anything like this in his candy section. And Grampa had a LOT of candy 😀 Love your blog. ❤


      2. Last year my friend and I were antiquing and we saw a whole display of the glass candy holders. They had most of the candy holders in a large display stand, it was beautiful and if I could have afforded it I would have bought it. It was thousands of dollars!

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  3. What a creative person you are!! Everything shown is interesting, inspired, and eye-catching!!!!

    I especially love the glass mailbox filled with colorful eggs. If you find the time, could you please send me more pics of the mailbox?? I collect those old glass ones, and I have never seen one quite like yours!!

    Thanks, and have a wonderful day!


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    1. I love the glass mailboxes as well. It must be tricky to find them with original glass. When I spotted this beauty at an antique show I thought it was a mailbox as well. Surprised to find out it was a 1920 penny candy display! Still neat to have but I would love to find my mailbox someday.
      Thank you. Your comment made my day!

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  4. Princess really is a sleeping beauty! 🙂 I am envious of your chocolate mold collection. I only have one. I also love your candy container. There is one of those in the estate I am going to host in April. I think I am going to need to buy it. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

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    1. One lucky break in my life was the opportunity to live in Germany for some years. Antiques were everywhere! I had to chose my chocolate molds and now I wish I bought them all. I was tempted in Lancaster to buy a set.


    1. Moving is so stressful. I joke that one of the reasons we bought this house was to avoid the high anxiety. Moving into summer decor is going to be challenging with everything packed away. Can’t wait to get started.


  5. Your beautiful photos always make me smile and your princess blesses my heart. She reminds me of our youngest at that age. Thanks so much for linking up at Counting My Blessings! Enjoy a beautiful Easter!

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  6. Love the mailbox with eggs, and your princess is adorable! Thank you linking to our Spring & Easter Joys party and Happy Easter!
    Rita C at Panoply

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