Some New Old Stuff…The Holiday Edition.

With the business of the last few weeks I almost forgot to show off some of my latest and greatest finds! I even used some I my holiday decor…but I think they need their own spotlight.

This Swedish dough bowl is about 100 years old… and it has aged well. Last seem on my kitchen counter with greens and red stars, it now hangs in its permanent space…but it will make a surprise appearance elsewhere from time to time.

This candy dispenser…so many comments about it. An original from the 1920’s holds just about everything in the most beautiful way. Designed to be stacked in a drugstore, you could see the contents from first glance. It is one of my most favorite finds ever.

You can never have too many vintage suitcases! I acquired a few more without measuring…and look they fit perfectly. I wish everything would turn out so well.

Another lucky find…on a Thanksgiving outing with my hero. Thank goodness he never questions the need for another bread board…at least not out loud.

Busy week indeed…The Princess hangs the best she can but sometimes she just needs a power nap!

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32 thoughts on “Some New Old Stuff…The Holiday Edition.

  1. You have many beautiful treasures and you display them so delightfully. The candy dispenser is a marvelous piece. The greatest treasure is the always beautiful and adorable Princess, she shines! Thank-you!

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  2. Wow, on the dough bowl, and the suitcases. They have become impossible to find (reasonable) here. I had originally wanted to sell them, but will hang on as long as I can—picnic baskets also–! Somewhere i have a pic of our grand princess, face down on the couch with her feet still n the floor, out cold, like a drunk in the gutter. LOL. Cute!

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    1. That’s funny. Our girl can sleep just about anywhere… if she is tired. He suitcases are getting harder to find here as well. I have seen some turned into “art”. Breaks my heart.


  3. I love everything you found. The dough bowl and suitcases are awesome. I have never seen a candy dispenser like that. Now I want one! LOL!

    xo Dianne

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    1. I never saw one before and wasn’t even sure what is was when I bought it. Did some research and now love it even more. They can be hard to find with the original glass but I see them on eBay from time to time.


    1. It is addictive. The moment before you step outside into a new store feels great. The candy dispenser is fabulous…I didn’t even know what it was at first. I just had to bring it home.


  4. Love your stack of vintage suitcases! They are perfect for storage. I’m currently using new ones for storing faux florals inside a large plastic bag and also a small plastic box of Christmas ornaments since we currently live in a fifth-wheel trailer. I think I’m going to have to do the same for the second large one, too, since my hubby and I brought it back with his clothes in it from our latest visit to California and his business trip/my fun trip. Lol!… Pack it all in! 😉

    Your daughter is very sweet, too. ❤ Miss my girl at that age… She's almost 26 now. Have a great week!
    Barb 🙂

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    1. I am actually storing more suitcases inside the suitcases. My husband is a bit perplexed but I assured him they will all be used eventually. I love my stack of suitcases. We are in the process of renovating a 1920 four square and space is a little tight right now. Closets were not a priority in 1920. I love this old house but our girl really needs a basement playroom…and her toys out of my living room.


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