Goodbye Christmas

I love the holidays. It is a magical time of year, however, it is exhausting. Once January arrives the Christmas decor I loved a few weeks ago begins to seem gaudy and overwhelming. My eyes long for a simple place to land…if this makes sense. I just wish undecorating was as fun as decorating. I like my winter decor to reflect a more scaled back, cleaner tone but I find if it is too austere, I get a nervous feeling…kind of like a hospital. I need some color. My kitchen was the first room to wear Christmas finery, and the first to be reverted to “normal but better”. It is also a great way to show off some new features of my newly updated kitchen!

Red berries that graced windows for Christmas, look perfectly wintry in an antique dough bowl.

The kitchen island just needs a few touches to go from Christmas to winter wonderland.

A new dish towel turned to pillow graces a kitchen chair.

Check out my new baking area! Everything I need is close by!

Our Princess loved the holiday season and had a few days to enjoy her favorite gift before the cold and snow hit us hard. Next week it looks more promising for a cruise around the neighborhood!

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32 thoughts on “Goodbye Christmas

  1. i love that dough bowl with the beautiful red berries. Lovely! And what is that on the island? It looks like a clear mail box!? Whatever it is, the greens and pinecones look very pretty in it. 🙂 Happy New Year!

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  2. Sigh, I know, Christmas is coming down inside starting today. Outside, we have to wait for some thawing–everything is encased in ice from the deep freeze. Lovely sentiments, and I’m so glad Princess got to ride her bike…she looks nifty all set on her wheels! Happy New Year!

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  3. I love all the red touches in your kitchen and the dough bowl with the red berries is so pretty. I always feel like my house looks a bit bare after I take all the decorations down. You’ve done a great job making your home look warm and inviting for the winter. I hope the weather finally warms up so your darling girl can ride her new bike.

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  4. Love your beautiful kitchen! I too have to have a bit of winter décor. I actually enjoy the organizing and cleaning and putting away after the holidays. The estate I have been helping with has one of those candy containers. I am going to buy it if my friend doesn’t. It is her late Aunt’s estate, so I will give her first choice. 🙂 Thanks for sharing with SYC.

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  5. I understand what you mean about being a bi over the Christmas decorations after a while! Your kitchen and winter decs look great. We’re in mid summer down here so it looks so different to me! Thanks for linking up and sharing at the Bloggers Pit Stop.

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  6. I felt sad the day we were planning to take down our Christmas decorations, so I decided we would have a party that day. We did lots of fun things, and it made taking down the decorations special! Visiting from Snickerdoodle… Create, Bake, Make!
    I followed you on Pinterest and would love for you to follow me!

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  7. Your kitchen is beautiful dressed for winter. The berries in the wooden bowl are a scene stealer. I have the very same sign of Mom’s Baking. I love it..Happy Wednesday..Judy

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