A New Adventure!

Pretty busy celebrating the end of one adventure and the beginning of another adventure here in Annapolis! Congratulations to my Hero on his retirement after 27 years of service in the United States Navy. See you next week when the whirlwind subsides!

12 thoughts on “A New Adventure!

  1. Dead Lady, may you and your hero and the darling princess enjoy to the
    fullest this new beginning!! Thank you and yours for your service and committee
    to our country!! Be blessed and happy always.

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    1. It is hard to believe we are no longer in the Navy. My hero has served since Plebe year in the Naval Academy. Thank you for your kind wishes. I hope you are well and happy! Thank you for joining me in the blog world.


  2. Please extend my thanks to your husband for his years of service and to you – for supporting him through many changes no doubt! May God bless you all as you enter this next stage of life!!

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  3. Thank-you to your Hero for 27 years of service to our country, he is a true hero to all of us. I have repeated these words of unknown origin many times and yet again – “Life is a journey, not a destination.” Your precious family will now continue your journey in a different direction. I can only wish the very best to all of you as this unfolds. Beautiful photo of a beautiful family!

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    1. My hero has been in service since Plebe year at the Naval Academy and is looking forward to a uniform free job. I have enjoyed the Navy Journey but can’t wait to see how life unfolds. Thank you…I think my family is beautiful as well!


  4. Please thank your hero from my family for his service!
    And thank you for your service as a military wife.
    Big job, I was one myself so I know.
    Congratulations on the next chapter of life and please keep us up to date.
    Blessings to you,

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    1. Big changes indeed…exciting and scary at the same time. My hero has been in service since his pleb year at the Naval Academy and is looking forward to uniform free working!


  5. Your family is the greatest! Thanks to your husband and your family for serving our country. Begin to enjoy life and that sweet little girl. (PS love your style and your blog…I live in KY). .

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    1. It is our great pleasure to serve this nation as well…but a new adventure awaits. Thank you for your kind words. I am so happy my blog makes people smile. Stop by anytime. I would love to visit KY sometime…the antique shopping must be wonderful.


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