Ode to a Strawberry 

By Beth Sycamore

Plump Strawberries.

Ripe Strawberries.

Bright red heart-shaped Strawberries.

Hiding under leafy greens.

Pluck the berry.

In the summer sun.

Pinch the stem.

Have some fun.

Twist the stem.

Almost done.

Put the berry in a cup.

Better yet, just eat it up!

(Or  even better…make ice cream!)

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29 thoughts on “Ode to a Strawberry 

  1. The Strawberry Princess rules the berry patch!! She is every bit as sweet as the berries she is picking. Thank-you for this delightful post and the beautiful photos of the ever adorable Princess. P.S. The ice cream is very inviting too!

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    1. She was quite excited about the strawberries this year but managed to eat her weight in strawberries at the farm. I think we have a tradition in the making!


    1. The store berries may be big and bright red but the flavor of just picked berries can’t be beat. Picking strawberries is a highlight of our spring. I freeze bags to enjoy all winter.


    1. Strawberry season is just ending in Maryland. When I lived in Pennsylvania growing up I remember picking them in June and July. Those berries were wonderful. The store bought ones may be big and red but they just don’t have the same flavor.


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