So, how ironic is it that after waiting all winter for snow, it is too cold ( with snow in the forecast?) the week I plan to feature early Springtime in Annapolis…I will have to settle for images of the past, with hope of more in the near future!

Enjoy my beautiful city of Annapolis! See you after a chilly school Spring break, the Princess is ready for some silly good times.


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38 thoughts on “Springtime?

    1. Annapolis had a bit of that storm. We were a little further south for Spring break so we only had rain and cold. Will Spring ever get here? Winter is great in January but March…not so much.


  1. On the other side of the Beltway in Montgomery County and we’ve got snow and sleet. It’s freezing outside, and I’m afraid my forsythia flowers that were blooming are dead. The birds are out and enjoying the suet squares, so there is some color out there.
    Spring is coming, maybe not as fast as we would like, though. All in due time.
    Stay warm everyone.

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    1. Really hoping the cherry blossoms survive. We were in Cambridge for Spring break and managed to avoid the snow. I am so ready for Spring. We had a little taste the last few weeks!


  2. The Princess is too cute!! I hope she has gotten her long awaited snow or maybe she danced it all to New England. Stella brought us 6+ inches, but is turning to sleet/rain soon. Thank-you for a view of Spring, can’t come soon enough for me.

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    1. Annapolis had a little snow but we managed to avoid it by going a little further south for Spring break! It was cold and rainy but so nice to getaway. Really hoping for some more spring next week.


  3. I’m sure your post today (15th) would be way different, lol. We got about 10″ here in Chicagoland but are happy we dodged the ice and more snow others are dealing with. Princess is getting so big, so much fun to watch her grow, Sandi

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    1. We managed to escape most of the snow by going on vacation a little bit more south. We had cold and rain but a wonderful time was had by all. Here is hoping that Spring is really here!


  4. Such a beautiful place! Spring is my favorite season and I love blossoming trees! hope spring comes to you soon! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

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  5. You are a week or two ahead of us, as the blossoms just began to come out yesterday. On Wednesday there was nothing, and then yesterday – pouf – there they were!

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    1. So worried the cold weather has killed all the pretty cherry blossoms. Hopefully the weather will improve and Spring will return. I am looking forward to a garden.


  6. So many beautiful blossoms!!! I hope that your cold snap doesn’t kill them! I can’t believe how much Princess has grown!! We are heading into Autumn here in Australia so I will be looking forward to all of your beautiful Spring posts 🙂

    Thank you for sharing your Spring post with us over at Waste Not Wednesday!

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  7. I so enjoyed your photos and of course your sweet princess. Spring is here. We have been having some fabulous weather. Thanks for sharing your lovely spring post at DI&DI.

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  8. Looks like you had a lovely Spring! ours got bottomed out with snow and all of the blooms turned brown. 😦 Happy Spring and thanks for joining TADA! Thursdays

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