Let it Snow!

Nothing like a little after Christmas snow to raise your hopes for a snow day! Alas, to the great disappointed of the children on the block it snowed, but on a Saturday. It did give us time to stay in and “de-Christmas” and put our household back in order after a busy and exciting holiday season.

I like to take the mantel decor to a more simple display, keeping some of the holiday greenery and berries.

The primitive trees on building blocks are some of my favorites and I am glad to keep them around a bit longer.

 A few bottles with feathers completes the winter look.

The Princess enjoyed the snow but seems to be dreaming of warm summer boating adventures. She will be disappointed to learn  that a boat is not in our future.


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32 thoughts on “Let it Snow!

  1. My southeast coast of R.I.has a total of about 8 inches of snow from Helena. It is beautiful to watch falling, not so much fun shoveling! I also used the day to take down and pack away all the Christmas decor. My beautiful tree is still up for one more day. My Grandson, Benjamin was so in love with everything Christmas this year, especially the tree. He was hugging and kissing the ornaments last Friday before he went home. He will be so happy tomorrow morning to see the tree. We had to cancel the Dinosaur Party for his third birthday on Saturday because of the snow. Your primitive trees are darling on the building blocks and the feathers in the bottles look so delicate. The Princess is so adorable in her coat and bowed little shoes! Thank-you for this lovely post and the sweet photos.

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    1. It was a sad morning when the Princess found the tree gone. She recovered pretty quickly. We had a light dusting of snow. Hopefully we will get at least one good snowfall. It can go either way in Annapolis depending on the temperature of the water.
      I am enjoying the more minimal look of the house today but we are still vacuuming pine needles from the rug and floor.


    1. I wish I could tell you I made them… I bought them on EBay quite some time ago. They don’t look too hard to make. The branches seem to be pip cleaners made from bottle tree material. I wonder if it is available at the craft store during the holidays?
      I’m glad you love them as much as I do!


  2. OH my we have so much “de-Christmasing” to do around here! I’m afraid it could be St. Patty’s day before I get to it all! LOL. Love those primitive trees in the blocks! Thanks so much for linking up with “Let’s Talk Vintage!”


  3. It’s always good for the Princess to dream. 🙂 I leave some greens and trees out for winter décor as well. I think it gives a cozy feel. Thanks for sharing with SYC.


  4. those little trees on the blocks are adorable!! I left my gold nutcracker out and the block with the tree painted on it, I just couldn’t put them away!! I don’t think little touches like that are to Christmasy 🙂 We had snow before and after Christmas…none on the ground Christmas day, but I am hoping my let it snow sign will bring us a whole bunch this year so that I can get a snow day 🙂

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    1. I kept out a little Christmas as well. Some holly branches and some gold garland. It helps to ease into the dreary days of January. This weekend is bright and sunny…- a little cold. We are keeping an anxious eye on the sky waiting that first real snow day.


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