Must be Santa!

I love Santa and every year a highlight of my decorating is the arrangement of the many unique versions I have of the Jolly Old Elf.  I have Santas from far and wide… traditional and some a bit strange. There was a tense moment this year when we thought the Princess’ fear of the man in the flesh would transfer to my smaller, non-living collection.  It was to great relief that she has chosen to ignore them with barely a sideways glance when she passes them! 

  I have picked out a few of my favorites this week to feature with more to come in the next few weeks!

Santas from around the world proudly pose on the stairs. Our Chinese Santa is quite special to us.

Friendly Santas on a rain drum from Thailand greet you on the porch

Special Santas have a place of honor on our mantel.  Our Swedish Santa, kokeshi Santa and iron nail Santa were picked out on journeys around the world. The beautiful red vintage Santa was made by my favorite folk artist Kim Sweet.  Her work is getting harder to find and I am so thankful to have a few of her lovely Santas in my home.

Two more Santas from Kim Sweet in our bedroom.  I just love how she crafts the faces with so much character.   

A buoy Santa from Maine was purchased on our honeymoon. A carved German Santa and another Kim Sweet doll keep him company.  

Waiting for Santa to arrive on a fire truck was a bit scary but the Princess felt safe up on her hero’s shoulders!

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22 thoughts on “Must be Santa!

  1. These Santa’s are exquisite!! I thought I possessed quite a collection, but yours surpasses mine by miles. The Kim Sweet ones are very unique and I am awe struck by them! The Santa’s on the rain drum are divine! The buoy Santa is similar to the one that I own and I just love it. The stairway display is spectacular, each Santa is breathtakingly beautiful! I am now beyond mesmerized!!! The Princess is absolutely adorable on her Hero’s shoulders, you can see that she is a little unsure of what is yet to come. My Grandson, Benjamin- 2 3/4 yr., talks about Santa and getting a picture taken and then runs away from the close encounter every time! THANK-YOU a thousand times for this fantastic post, I’ve enjoyed it immensely!


    1. We sadly put the Santas away today. I miss seeing them as I walked up and down the stairs. I love Christmas decorations but find I also love the simplicity of Winter decor. We are enjoying a cozy day inside watching the snow fall. It is quite peaceful.


  2. Love seeing a fun Santa collection! I think my favorite is the buoy Santa from Maine. It is so clever and unusual. I’ve never seen one before. Merry Christmas to you and your sweet family.

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  3. What an incredible collection of Santa’s you have. If I lived closer I’d pop in for a visit just to look at all of them in detail. It is really wonderful that you have collected them from all over the world.

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