The Magic of Christmas!

There is a certain peace that comes over you when you look around your home and think to yourself ” I am ready for the holiday season”. This,of course, comes after hauling around the boxes in the basement, weeding out the things you can’t believe you saved, fussing at your Hero about stocking positions and panicking over the missing shepherd in one of the many Nativities you own.  Add a curious Princess who just wants to “help Mama” as she dismantles and rehangs all the ornaments on the lower third of the Christmas tree and the joy of the season can evaporate quicker than a bottle of peppermint essential oil with the cap left ajar.  But we survived and yes,I think we are ready for blessed Yuletide.  

Step into my living room!

The Princess has graduated to open pocket doors! The room seems bigger and not as crowded…almost. 

Oh how I love a pretty mantel. Especially when it features some of my favorite Santas collected from, well, everywhere. 

A vintage suitcase filled with gold trees…why not!

I was gifted this beautiful red and white enamelware pan, the perfect place for my Grandmother’s little church and Polish pottery trees.  The nativities are from adventures in Japan and India.  

The artist at work creating that perfect Christmas cookie! How are you celebrating the season?

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20 thoughts on “The Magic of Christmas!

  1. Beautiful! You are definitely ready for Christmas. I am mesmerized with all of the Santas on the mantel and would love a close-up photo or maybe just a few per photo to see their individual characteristics. I love them! The Princess is a helpful “elf” for you and an adorable one too! Thank-you for sharing your home and Family.

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  2. Oh, love your home–, and your little painter so busy. My mom had me painting oodles of Christmas cookies as an only child. Now, we have cookie day—and as many as 12-14 baking and decorating at our house. Can’t wait. Love you are using the old plastic cutters, the Santa head was always my favorite. Sandi

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  3. I too love it when the decorating is done and now we can enjoy the spirit that it bring into our home. My girls and I will have a baking day on the 22nd and that is always so fun! Great Santa collection and I love the suitcase filled with trees! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

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  4. I love seeing how everyone decorates their homes for Christmas and yours is beautiful. So warm and inviting and those gold trees in the suitcase, love, love, love. Wishing you and your beautiful family a wonderful and safe festive season


  5. Your little one is such a cutie! I smile every time I see her photo in your banner.
    Yes, all ready here, and it is such a great feeling. Now we can relax and enjoy the season with family and friends.


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