Lazy Days of Summer!

Remember that sense of freedom as a child when summer rolled around? The days and nights blended together with the intoxicating mix of watermelon in the garden, toes in some sort of water source, adventuresome car trips and fireflies in jars.  You rode bikes with your friends for miles, played tag late into the night, and counted the days until overnight camp.  Is this experience even possible anymore? If I could turn back time I would spend some more time in the summers of my childhood. The next best thing, sort of, is to bring some of that summer joy into my home. 

Lighthouses bring back memories of sandy beaches and salty water…and the thrill of the boardwalk at night. 

I am beginning to love the combination of light blue and yellow…lemons with a sugar straw and watermelons are happy tastes of summer. 

Sunflowers that towered over our heads!

The delicious bounty of a garden…nothing tastes better than a homegrown tomato

 The awe of standing near the edge of the sea and realizing just how small you are!
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39 thoughts on “Lazy Days of Summer!

  1. Beautiful photos! Your post has captured the feel of childhood summers that brings back delightful memories. Sometimes, I too wish for those carefree days of long ago. Sun warm tomatoes fresh from the vine can not be equaled by anything. Thank-you for this lovely post. The Princess is so adorable and seems to be enjoying her summer too!


  2. I’m a first-time visitor! Your daughter is adorable. She reminds me of our youngest! And your style . . . oh my, I could move in! It’s perfect! So blessed to be here this Monday morning!


    1. Thank you for visiting! If you live close by come on over for coffee. Our princess is the absolute joy of our lives and it still amazes me how perfectly she fit into our family. God always has a perfect plan. Enjoy these final weeks before summer ends!


  3. Everyone is so sad when summer comes to an end. I will miss the veggies from the Farmers Market and watermelon! Love the lighthouses on your staircase and your little princess is a doll! Fun post. Happy Monday!


    1. I almost cry the first week I have to buy tomatoes at the supermarket. I do put up lots of tomato sauce to last the winter. Our garden is pretty small but my hero does a wonderful job in it every year.


  4. Summertime is a lovely time that I never want to end. Love your lighthouses on the stairs; charming! Fresh tomatoes from the garden; yum, nothing quite as delicious this time time of year! Every child needs to feel the sand between his or her toes and the warm water flowing in and out of the ocean. I so enjoyed reading your post as it brought back many wonderful childhood memories. Thanks for sharing and have a beautiful day, Amy.



  5. Amen my friend! Loved summer as a child and wished it would never end. Spreading summer around our home is an adult way of enjoying it! Heading to Disneyland and the beach next week with some of our kids and grands. Our last Hurrah to summer! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


  6. I love the blue and yellow combo too. A dear friend used that combo as her wedding colors and it was so pretty! And how cute is that little pink swimsuit? Adorable!


  7. Just the thought of that sense of freedom gives me a nostalgic feeling! Summer childhoods certainly were carefree times for me! Summer road trips were great and, even though, we were all packed into a stationwagon without seatbelts or airconditioning, we somehow survived and lived to tell about it!


  8. It seems like summer gets shorter every year. Summers were wonderful when I was a kid. Fire flies is one of my memories. The veggies from your garden look delicious. Tomatoes are a special favorite of mine. Thank you for sharing your beautiful post at Snickerdoodle Create, Bake, & Make.

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  9. Yes I was thinking about Red Rover and catching fireflies! Thanks for stirring the summer days memories of a time that does not seem to be here now, but as we long for it we can show our children and grandchildren how to enjoy some of these carefree activities that made summer feel as long or longer than summer did!


  10. Your words made took me straight back to being a child! What lovely memories!! I Love your collection of beautiful photos and boy did you have a good harvest of tomatoes! 🙂

    Thank you so much for sharing over at Waste Not Wednesday!

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  11. I have tried really hard to allow my children to have a summer like I remember. Late nights, lots of exploring, and fun. I love fall and cant wait for it, but I will miss the lazy days of summer for sure!


  12. What a beautiful summer you have created in your home! 🙂 Thank you for sharing with us on the Art of Home-Making Mondays at Strangers & Pilgrims on Earth! 🙂

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