For the Sake of Convenience. 

I am a vintage all the way type of girl…no big surprise there. I love the old, the worn, the rusty and the tattered. I think my Grandmother would have been very amused by my collections and was wonder why I would decorate with all the old junk she could not wait to upgrade in her day.  I do love my vintage treasures , but I am also very, very glad they serve only as an aesthetic purpose in my home. I do love my modern conveniences, this I can admit

Can you imagine making your own butter each day in this churn? I guess I can, however, I enjoy the large selection available to me from my local market…and no aching arms and shoulders. 

Just the thought of dragging all my areas rugs outside to beat them with this contraption makes me want a long nap…but to be honest the thought of pulling out the vacuum sometimes has the same effect so perhaps the issue is mine. 

 I remember all the curling iron burns from my High School days…the 80’s were brutal to my hair follicles…but imagine the damage I could have inflicted with these curling tongs from the 1920’s? Follow this up with a pointed instrument to buckle up my shoes and it is an Urgent Care visit in the making.  

As for the Princess this week…she clinched her true Marylander status with her choice of favorite snack…she is thankful for the convenience of Old Bay ready-made in a jar!

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44 thoughts on “For the Sake of Convenience. 

  1. The Princess is beautiful as always and my Grandson agrees with her choice of snack food! I love all your vintage items. How I wish that I had foreseen the beauty in them when my Gram’s household things were sold along with her 200 acre farm back in the early 1970’s. I ended up with very few, much to my everlasting regret. I guess I was to young to appreciate those treasures then. Glad you have an appreciation for them and hope you display them too. Thank-you for another lovely post.


    1. So much was lost during that decade of the ’70s. My mom has a more modern mid-century style so she had no use for the vintage. I am glad to have a few from Grandma and found a few while out and about.


  2. Little Princess is so cute! I like anything made of cheese too. Those vintage items are something else, aren’t they? I remember my Granny sitting on a stool churning her butter in a big barrel. She actually took a stroke doing that. The vintage tools were no doubt wonderful in their day and it’s great when we find them because there is so much history attached to them but like you I prefer our modern day appliances. Interesting post, Amy. Thank you for sharing with us and have a beautiful day.



  3. I was out Cracker Barrel this week and saw the same butter churn you picture here. I was guessing it was a butter churn at the time, but then I thought it did not look strong enough to accomplish that feat. But you answered one of my questions ;-).


  4. I would not want to have to use the vintage things I have around my house! They are quite happy making everything pretty! I am with you on loving everything vintage…..I do not buy any new or reproduction items for my home décor!


  5. Nice collection of rustic items. You grandma would probably be amused! They probably had more strength and endurance, “back in the day”, then we do now . 😉


  6. Awe…such a sweet post today about the things of old. I have items that belonged to my great-grandfather and my grandmother. The little princess looks like she might be enjoying Old Bay! Hugs and blessings, Cindy


  7. I can’t even imagine! Churning butter doesn’t seem so bad but beating the rugs…I’m not sure about that.:-)
    PS Even princesses need snacks!


  8. I hear ya! Love the old, rusty, and crusty; but there is something to say about our modern day conveniences! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

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  9. I am loving the butter churn. It’s in my favorite color as well. I love your sweet blog and so happy you linked up at Dishing it and Digging It link party. We love having you.

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  10. Amy you have quite a few treasures there. The butter churner certainly is a treasure. As for that rug beater… well who can blame you for not wanting to do it. Just looking at it makes me tired.

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  11. I love vintage things, too, not only in the house, but my garden is full of them, as well. I always enjoy seeing your lovely collections. I’m visiting today from Making Your Home Sing Monday. Blessings!

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  12. As a former Cosmetology teacher, I have used curling irons that get heated in a “stove”. It’s quite interesting. If you zone out, and leave the iron in the stove too long, when you place it on the hair, it takes the hair right off!!!


  13. All the time I was reading this post one phrase stuck out in my mind, ” They don’t make stuff like this anymore.” Old school is the best!

    Thanks for sharing on Peace, Love, Linkup! I hope to see you tomorrow at 6 for more sharing fun! : )


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