Becoming Unashamed…

Although not technically selling this book, I am quite privileged to be on the official launch team! 

  It is very easy to think you have the author, Heather Nelson figured out when you meet her…beautifully restored turn of the century house, adorable twin girls, a devoted, mission minded pastor husband. Add to this a successful counseling practice and book deal and it starts to get much easier to listen to that voice….the one that insists….you will never measure up. Just like that,the voice of shame becomes stronger than the soft whisper of God’s assurance…”you are perfect in my eyes”.

Shame, the thief that robs us of the glorious freedom and contentment is no stranger to most women…every human being if we are honest. But even more insidious, it convinces us we are alone and the only way to function is to push it down, cover it up and deny.  If no one spots that shame at least we can appear to have it all together. 

 Heather bravely steps up and pulls the curtain back to exposure the lies of shame and helps us through the steps to acknowledge and face our “secrets”. Only then are we to experience true joy. By sharing her own story Heather breaks down her own outer shield of protection but you also see how God replaced it with joy…and you find you love her even more. 

What others have to say…
All this time I thought I struggled with guilt, but to put words to it … it’s shame. I felt like I was reading the response to many prayers and questions that have been in my heart.” 
“This has been so enlightening. I think after reading this that I have areas of shame but I called it something else. I look forward to reading this again later and with others that I can discuss with.” 
“Reading the book this sentence has struck me deeply, ‘no one who feels shame experiences true joy.’ (p. 32) That one sentence has been so good to sit and ponder with. As I wrestle with my own story and child hood of origin it’s leading me to Investigate why I feel shame and how I simultaneously feel robbed of joy.” 

Heather’s book will be available from Crossway publications on June 30, 2016.  It is available for pre-order through Amazon.  Just follow this link

Get to know Heather at her blog Hidden Glory

Titus 2 Tuesday@Cornerstone Confessions

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