Not So Very Magical…


So, this book seems to be EVERYWHERE.. and because I can always use a bit of tidying magic I placed myself on the. Looooooong list at our library , 3 months long, and dove in with good intentions when it was finally available . My take away….put it away when you are done and if you are not using it, get rid of it. Also, I am suppose to thank my purse each evening for working so hard. Not a life changing book but it did make me more aware of some of my own routines that seem to keep my household sane. This household consists of slightly ADD me, a husband with an unusally high tolerance for clutter and a three year old who’s sole purpose in life seems to be dismantling my house bit by bit each day.

Here are my top five tips for sanity…

  1. Every Sunday I create a weekly to do list…I list everything from Doctor appointments to gymnastics to laundry. Then, I fit it all into my calendar. It seems to ease my mind to see it is possible to get it done.  Then, I give myself permission not to get it all done, because things happen.
  2. When we are done with something we put it away in the correct spot in the correct room…everyone…even the toddler.
  3. I forgo Valentine flowers, birthday gifts, and expensive anniversary celebrations for a cleaning service…it works for us.
  4. Each night I QUICKLY go through the following day in my mind and try to stick to a consistent routine…this one benefits the 3 year old
  5. I try to find the joy each day.  Yesterday was hard for many reasons but look at this view from our front porch! There is my joy


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2 thoughts on “Not So Very Magical…

  1. I hated that book. She’s nuts. I’m not thanking my purse (or my socks or the turkey baster) for their service. I will say I did a good job on the closet and drawers and her folding method isn’t half bad. But if she set foot within a block of my house, I would be bolting the door with anything I could find. And believe me, I’d thank it for its service!


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