Collections Make Me Happy

I love collections. I really think I gain a lot of insight into a person by what they collect and how they display what they collect. I wonder what my collections display about me? I’m always looking for new inspiration when I visit my favorite antique markets and eBay merchants. Some collections have been procured over many years, some are relatively new interests. All of them make me happy. Collections don’t need to be pricey, although if you can afford high end art or diamonds, feel free to indulge. I have noticed I do collect simple household items from a long gone era. I think there is always a story behind each item. Once upon a time they were brand new and a source of joy to an owner, or many owners…I am just one more person to love and cherish my time with them.

Round belly teapots! How many cups of tea were poured on social calls.
Vintage factory spools. I would love to see what they helped make.
Wine keys used to be a favorite wedding gift. I wonder if they were actually used to open a bottle in celebration.
I have a fondness for milk glass and ironstone jelly molds.
My people off on a snow adventure

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19 thoughts on “Collections Make Me Happy

  1. I think that you have them organized makes them more pleasant to look at. Some people have their collections strewn all over the place, so you don’t get the feel for the collection.

    I guess I like the teapots too. And the keys are really unique.

    Thanks for sharing at the Sunday Sunshine Blog Hop


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