The Art Of The Gallery Wall

The first thing people see when they walk through our front door is our gallery wall. It just draws people in. I must admit I’m pretty proud of it. It didn’t happen overnight and I can’t say for sure that it is done, but for now I’m satisfied. I’ve gathered some photos and handy tips in case you also want to create a gallery wall of your own.

1. Establish your gallery wall in a prominent place in your hall and make it a focal point. It will naturally draw an eye and there is no need to distract that attention. Gallery walls are a showstopper on stairways, I love to see it every time I step into our foyer.

2. Stick to single theme. Make it broad enough to allow a varied approach to the collection but simple enough to make it a cohesive grouping. Our basic theme is Asian scenes. Originally I planned on a Geisha theme. It was too narrow so I added Art that I feel complimented the collection and helped my Geisha collection shine.

3. Mix your mediums. It’s fun to go beyond the usual prints and paintings. Add porcelain plates, framed antique cards. It adds a touch of whimsy to include the unexpected.

4. Fill the wall space with memories. Our time in Japan was so special to us and of course China filled our hearts and arm full of the Princess. Our gallery wall reflects this. The trick is to find what makes you happy!

A sassy girl on a Sunday!

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