Crazy About Quilts

OK, I am ready to admit it. I have a problem with a certain soft item…


I must have them all over the house…


Yes! I am crazy about quilts. There is something about them…all of them…pristine ones from a long stored hope chest…


Well loved ones that have kept babies warm and served as forts for active little boys for generations…


But I ask you, who could resist the colorful charm…or the ability to literally touch the past?


Perhaps you can even touch generations back on your own family tree…


A treasured past to pass down to our future…

…and that future is coming at me a little faster than I prefer. My sweet baby is growing up!

Let’s Party…

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14 thoughts on “Crazy About Quilts

  1. Your quilts are beautiful!! I havve a few treasured ones that my grandma and great grandmother made! They will never go out of style!!!


  2. I love quilts too but I have mine packed away. You have given the incentive to bring them out. I only have a few but they are handmade by someone from my past who blessed me with them. Thank you for sharing with #omhgww.


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