Summer Has Started!

Summertime is here, somewhat different than we have ever experienced but here nevertheless. I’m not sure what this summer will hold for us…no camps, reduced play dates and, as for now, no pool or playground. It will be a quieter season but quieter means time to sit on the porch and feel the breeze and hear the birds, it means family walks to find duck feathers and unusual rocks and it means stillness to think about our nation and the desire for everyone to find peace.

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10 thoughts on “Summer Has Started!

  1. Seeing all the flags and crafts with flags and Amazing Grace on it takes me back to a better time.
    Good Luck to that cute girl who will be starting 2nd grade soon.
    I come to visit your site through Esme’s Senior Salon.


  2. Blow bubbles! Catch fireflies! Make homemade ice cream! Read a book together! Play in the sprinkler!
    Ride bikes! Learn to play jacks or marbles! Have a pillow fight! Picnic under the stars, under a shady tree or under the kitchen table with sheets over it!

    Enjoy your little girl while she’s little.
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

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