The coming week is the most exciting one all year in Annapolis…usually. Things are not usual now, and to dwell on it might not be the best use of time and energy. I am sad about it, I just can’t lie. It will be hard this week, but I am choosing to concentrate on what is happening rather than what is not happening…and it’s not so bad, different but not bad. Next year we won’t take any of it for granted and that might make it even better.

We won’t have the pleasure to see 1,000 Midshipmen throw their hats into the air, but we will see how smaller more intimate groups come together in the spirit of putting the needs of others before themselves.
We won’t see the Blue Angels take to the sky over Annapolis, but we can watch them online cheering millions with hospital flyovers.
We won’t see our Main Street filled with excited crowds of tourists, but we can enjoy the stores with smaller, more local shoppers and have a chance to really talk to our local merchants.
We won’t see a stirring Memorial Day parade…
…but we can enjoy our own personal bike parade! Different is pretty nice after all.

8 thoughts on “Adjusting

  1. I feel your pain! My husband is a graduate of USNA and we will miss all the graduation activities as he has classmates who have kids graduating this year! We so love Annapolis! Oh well…


  2. Big changes for sure. This time does make us learn to appreciate more former times of great joy and the small joys we can find in each day. – Margy


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