It Must Be Spring!

By Mary Fenn

Hush, Can you hear it?
The rustling in the grass,

Bringing you the welcome news

Winter’s day is past.

Soft, Can you feel it?

The warm caressing breeze,

Telling you the sticky buds

Are bursting on the trees.

Look, Can you see them?

The primrose in the lane,

Now you must believe it –

Spring is here again.

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21 thoughts on “It Must Be Spring!

  1. I love the anticipation you communicate in your words — something we usually save for Christmas, but which is ABSOLUTELY the way I feel when spring rolls around after a long winter! Beautiful images of your home and daughter!

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  2. Next to summer this is MY favorite time of year! LOVE seeing that ‘green haze’ as you drive and the bushes are popping out their buds. We had such a wonderful, unusual mild winter here but I STILL was just dying for spring. One of my favorite things to do is keep digging through the leaves and stuff to find those first, green blooms peeking through the ground and Robin spotting haha! I really love your Easter tree — so fun!

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    1. What a beautiful image your comment brought to mind. I always feel reborn in the Spring. Winter is all about cozy but Spring means freedom to me. Outdoors starts to call!


    1. Each day is a blessing and we have a choice whether or not we see it. I would love to say I always chose the blessing but I am trying! Thanks for your comment. Enjoy this weekend.


  3. Oh how I wish mine were still young enough for Easter egg hunts! I have many fond memories of this time of year. Enjoy every minute of it! (Your Easter decor is darling!) Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm! xo Kathleen | Our Hopeful Home

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