In the New Year…

I wish you happiness, contentment and blessings beyond measure!

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21 thoughts on “In the New Year…

  1. Love your old window, looks so cute with all the vintage cards in window panes. Great way to use old window among many.
    When we lived in KY I found a 3 ft. square old wood window with 12 panes. Was so darned heavy hubs had to build a frame on wall to attach/hang it. When we left KY for CO had to leave that window on wall along with several other old wood windows, killed me to leave all those windows. Used to print all kinds of things off internet to put in panes, kept me busy. Was sure a conversation starter in our living room.
    Happy New Year, enjoy that window.

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    1. My husband had no idea what I was talking about when I asked him to pick me up at the salvage place I found this window. He pictured a giant wall size window frame. I originally bought it to create an advent calendar with the 24 frames but loved how it looked so much I just left it up. Vintage postcards are a delight of mind and I love how they look in the window!


  2. I think I bought that exact frame in December at Pier 1, if not it is a great copy of yours. I love what you did with it. I plan to use mine for my Editorial Calendar for my blog!


    1. Mine was a lucky find at a salvage yard a few years ago. My husband thought I was crazy when I called him to help get in home. Originally I was going to make an advent calendar with the 24 panes but I loved it so much I wanted it to stay up all year…the postcards are a delight for me.


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